Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

The Life Changing Ministry is a program that focuses on qualities beneficial to the lives of its members, and specifically addresses chronic food security.  Meetings begin with a spiritual expression (prayer and music), exchange of ideas, suggestions, and recent experiences both positive and negative. Often, members provide referrals and assistance to other members. The ministry committee, consisting of parish volunteers, include important values such as: healthy lifestyles, individual dignity, personal accountability, and educational opportunities. Offered are guest speakers, visual presentations, and important handouts covering topics assisting the members with their needs and difficulties. The  opening and closing prayers of each meeting are said by the members themselves, and are often sensitive and enriching. The meeting is concluded with the food distribution and departure. The food provided is essentially donated by the generous benefaction of our parishioners, and could not exist without that support. This program removes the concern of food security for these families, and enables them to address other needs such as rent, utilities, and transportation to employment and worship.